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Real Estate Floor Plan Services Hudson County, NJ


Real estate floor plan services in Hudson County, NJ have become as important as in any other part of the country. A real estate floor plan is a drawing to scale that shows the layout of the property as seen from above. It shows the space and relationship between rooms and spaces and the overall layout of the property. It is used in almost all property-related dealings, be it commercial or personal. A floor plan is what creates the first impression of a property, as it is a visual representation of it that potential buyers see before even deciding to consider the property.

A research conducted by Rightmove that surveyed buyers of property showed that more than one third of the total buyers are less likely to enquire about a property without a floor plan. They buyers listed various reasons. First, they said that they would want to see the room layout in order to understand how rooms fit with respect to each other. Secondly, they would want to know the dimensions of the property and the partitions or rooms. Moreover, floor plans are more accurate than images as they can be deceptive in terms of sizes and shapes.


These are the ways how a real estate floor plan is imperative for your property:

  • Higher chances of finding a buyer: As illustrated above, it is clear that one would have a higher number of enquiries and subsequently higher chances of finding a buyer resulting in selling the property quicker. It makes you more professional and efficient and that image in the mind of buyers helps.

  • Accuracy of floor plans: With the current technology, the use of laser measurement system makes the floor plans very accurate. And the good thing about a floor plan is that everyone can understand and grasp the information in it. With a floor plan in hand, the buyers get an accurate idea of how big or small their rooms are, which helps them design the house, or any other kind of establishment. The furniture to be put, the décor to be done and the placement of materials are things that a floor plan makes easy. With this, they can buy the property that specifically suits them.

  • Accessibility: This is one of the most prominent features of a floor plan. You can show the layout of the property to prospective clients in any location, even if it is far from the property. Some of those clients can make a decision to visit the property if it fits their requirement; who otherwise wouldn’t travel to check it out.

  • Advanced: With the current technology, we have 3D floor maps, dynamically scaled renderings and interactive floor plans which are very insightful and functional. And with the help of professional real estate floor plan service provider, you can give all such features to your property.

Hence, it is becoming increasingly important to have a floor plan for properties. To get real estate floor plan services in Hudson County, NJ, contact Castle Point REI on (646) 494.6838. We specialize in floor plans and offer a plethora of other products and services.

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