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Real Estate Design Services in Hudson County NJ


Real estate design has become one of the most important aspects of real estate marketing. It helps developers, designers, architects to design a project right from the start to end. It helps potential homeowners to visualize their house before buying. With a good real estate design service, you can create interactive floor plans and stacking plan designs for commercial, mixed-use and residential properties. With custom-built designs, your property becomes visually accessible to prospective clients and tenants, revealing the layout of the building. The most successful real estate developers know the importance of design services and use it for generating more revenues. A "must-have" in any property marketing package, whether new construction or resale, let us cover real estate design services in Hudson County NJ.


Why you should get real estate design services:

  • New construction representation: A to-be constructed property is like an idea without a face. Both buyers and sellers benefit from complete real estate design services. From model or home staging to full interior design services, real estate design services assist in the build-out of new homes, town-homes and condos for both buyers and sellers.

  • Construction flaws: Real estate design helps in identifying potential design flaws before construction begins. This can save the developer from losses and damages.

  • Professional all round service: With services like 3D modeling, interior and exterior design and CAD renderings, contractors and real estate developers can easily get their work done. Real Estate agents who need floor plans, 3D floor plans and renderings to use in the marketing of homes they are listing for sale also get help.

  • Design consultation: Many a times, taking a decision about properties is not easy, as it involves a lot of money. In terms of decisions like whether to move to a new house or to get your current house renovated, it is better to get consultation from design experts. Making those decisions gets easier when you have a vision of what your property looks like.

  • Sale and Acquisition of homes of distinguished design: Since design agencies often cater to buyers and sellers, they also help in matching the two sides, which in turn helps in the sale of properties.

  • Interactive floor plans: With 3D CAD design and floor planning, you can get detailed, interactive floor plans. These scaled models enable developers and designers to visualize a space with furniture and fixtures from the comfort of a smart phone or a tablet. It can help them make better choices regarding the interiors of the house.


With a robust team consisting of designers, architects, real estate agents, engineers, builders and marketing professionals, Castle Point REI is one that is equipped to guide a project from the beginning to the end. We are able to combine years of industry experience with the latest technology to ensure projects are designed to capitalize on the features and aesthetics that will maximize buyer demand. For any queries, contact us on (646) 494.6838.

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