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Picking a Real Estate Consulting Firm Hudson County, NJ

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Real estate consulting firms provide research, analysis and advising services to clients such as construction developers, investment banks, mortgage lenders, materials producers, builders and property investors. They have diverse types of clients in terms of industries and professions. Some real estate consulting firms specialize in a particular type of client. For example, a property developer would need advisory services to gauge the viability of an investment in a new shopping mall and on the other hand a mortgage lender might need help with entering a geographically new property market. We will discuss about picking a real estate consulting firm in Hudson County NJ.


Let’s be clear on a consultant’s role before you start looking out for one. A real estate consultant would usually start by setting up a rendezvous with the client to understand their needs and objectives. Once well-versed with what the clients what, the consultant would start their research for the client and generate a report. In case of developers, they would manage real estate development projects - from design, to material sourcing to on-site construction management.


Having a good consultant goes a long way in your property-related investments. Nearly 9 in 10 Millennials, Gen X, and younger Boomers bought their homes with the help of an agent in 2016. It could prove you to be beneficial for you while at the same time enhancing your experience of dealing with property. Find the right real estate consultant for you could turn out to be somewhat challenging in this chaotic market.

So here are a few things you would want to consider while looking for a real estate consulting firm in Hudson NJ:

  • Relationships: Check how the relationships of the consultant are, with their clients, developers, partners, buyers, property owners, etc. The right consultant will have a good relationship with you, and make you benefit due to his relationships. The experience matters, but this factor is almost equally important.

  • Service: In the age of proptech, where almost every property related thing can be done with the help of technology, customer service and human touch has become all the more important in the real estate industry. That is one of the major pros of having a real estate consultant rather than do everything on your own on your phone. Assess how is the customer service of the agent you are going to pick. Welcoming the client and managing post sales has become an imperative in the industry now.

  • Track Record: A trustworthy and experienced consulting firm would have a long, good track record. Only with that, are they able to retain quality and diversified inventories. And when it comes to real estate, we all know how important inventory is.

  • Business Offerings: Evaluate the offerings of your real estate consulting firm. Often the ones with diversified services like developing, designing, consulting, selling properties are the ones that have enough experience in the industry as to make sure you have a seamless and profitable experience.

For picking a real estate consulting firm in Hudson NJ, call Castle Point REI on this number: (646) 494.6838!

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