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The checklist for real estate broker in Hudson County, NJ


Would you consider hiring a dentist or home improvement contractor without first checking their portfolio and references? No right! The same due diligence is essential when it comes to hiring the real estate broker in Hudson County, NJ.  Buying or selling a property is a crucial decision and finding the right person is the key to get the best deal on your investment.


There are many things to consider when it comes to finding a real estate broker. Here is the checklist to get started:


  • Ask for referrals: Start by asking for referrals from family and friends. If people close to you have liked a particular real estate broker, the chances of you liking them too are high. Ask them a specific question like, “Would you hire the same broker again?” If the answer is yes, the search probably ends. If you don’t find the referrals, it is best to look for references online. Shortlist few of the brokers and set up a meeting.

  • Ask lots of questions: In the face-to-face meeting with the broker try and get a feel of who the person is, are you comfortable with them, and what are their values and priorities. It is essential to be sure of the broker as you will be working closely with him/her through the whole process. If you are buying a home some of the questions that you must ask are:

  1. How long have you been the real estate broker in Hudson County, NJ?

  2. How familiar is the broker with your preferred areas?

  3. Do the broker work full-time and available to show houses at convenient hours?

  4. Will you attend the home inspections personally?

  5. Has a client ever filed a complaint against you or your company?

  6. What is your average number of clients at a given time?

  7. What is the preferred mode of communication?

  8. Will they share the details of their past clients and is it okay if you get in touch with them?

  • Background check: Once you have interviewed the brokers it is imperative to talk to their past clients? Make a few calls and ask how their overall experience with the broker was? Also, ask whether the broker was willing to show them every property that they were interested in. Don’t forget to ask whether the agent was quick to respond to communications or not.

  • Commission: This is also one of the crucial factors to consider when looking for the broker. The broker who quotes lower than the market rate is a red flag. This might put off the agents who might not be willing to share a small fee. This might mean you will have to wait longer to find a property of your choice.


Buying or selling a home is a stressful and emotional decision and the only key to make it smooth is by having a competent and experienced real estate broker in Hudson County, NJ by your side.

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