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Tips To Find Good Property Manager In Hudson County


It is true that no one will be more willing to manage your properties or be concerned with the monthly cash flow other than you. So, if you can’t do this task yourself, it is best in your interest to find a good property manager in Hudson County. Spend as much if not more time to look for the property manager, as you would spend to find a prospective tenant.


It is essential to find a good property manager in Hudson County to keep your investment and property safe. The best way to find the property managers that will take good care of your portfolio is to look for them based on their experience. Apart from experience, other things to keep in mind are:


  1. Referrals: One of the best ways to find a good property manager is through referrals. Get in touch with real estate agents or other real estate investors to find some good and reliable options. Once you have got a few references, do an online check to know more about them. Also, if you come across, some new companies do learn more about them.

  2. Set up an interview: Once you have shortlisted a few of the property managers it is best to set up personal meetings with them. It will give you an excellent chance to know them in person and ask essential questions. Ask the property manager how many properties are they managing and how many employees do they have to manage these units. A trained property manager can easily handle 30 to 40 units. Also ask questions about their education, services offered, fees, and landlord-tenant law. The answers to these questions will help you get a clearer picture.

  3. Schedule a visit: Next step should be to visit some of the properties managed by the property manager you plan to hire. Check if the property is clean and well maintained. If possible speak to the tenants to know if they are satisfied with the property manager services. Ask if their complaints are addressed timely, or how long does it generally take to get the maintenance and repair done and is the tenant likely to renew the lease? The answers to these questions will help you decide if the current tenants are happy with the performance of the property manager.

  4. Check their management agreement: You must very carefully read the management agreement to check for the responsibilities of the property managers. Some of the columns you must give extra attention to are, services offered, the responsibility of the owners, fee charges, reasons for cancellation and compliance with fair housing laws. It will help you evade last minute disappointments and any hassles later.


Last but not least find out how the property manager handles vacancies and advertising. Ask questions like, how and where do they advertise vacant homes, what is an average length of time it takes to find a tenant, and what kind of signs do they put in front of the property?

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