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Find your dream home in Hudson County NJ


It could be a hectic task to find your dream home in Hudson County NJ. When you are getting your own house, especially when it’s your first, it is really important to get a house that is ideal in all aspects and fits your requirements. Moreover, there is much more to a home than just its physical aspect. The home you live in plays a significant role in your life in various ways. Human beings have an intrinsic attachment to the place and space that they dwell in. That instinct is not too different to our animal kingdom predecessors. Physical places endure the passage of time, while people and memories change. Hence, home becomes a place that creates memories and preserves the essence of our lives. The environment people live in is strongly linked to their well-being. Most of all, it is a place that obliges one with a centering – a place you leave from in the morning and come back to in the evening. Therefore, it is imperative that you should not settle for anything less than perfect while getting a house for yourself and your family.


There are a few ways you could find your dream home in Hudson County, NJ without much hassle. The best way is to contact an agency that could provide you all these services with ease. One such agency is Castle Point REI. Here is how you could get that perfect house for your family:

Buy a house in one of our projects: Castle Point REI has various projects in its portfolio to choose from. Some of the notable properties are:

  • 77 & 79 Booraem Avenue| Jersey City Heights

  • 204 1/2 5th Street | Downtown Jersey City

  • 472 Central Ave | Jersey City Heights

Get our 3BR luxury condominiums built on ground-up new construction in Jersey City Heights and Downtown Jersey City to make your home. With a great location and design, this could just be your dream home.

Select from a plethora of properties from our partner developers: As consultants and real estate agents, we sell other developers’ projects to our clients. If you’re looking for a value house outside of Hoboken and Downtown Jersey City, we’ve got you. Our expert team specializes in finding you a home that suits your requirements. We get to know your criteria, requirements, and what your dream home should be like. In accordance with that, we match it with our wide variety of projects of our developers.

With over 20 years of experience in real estate brokerage, investment management, construction, sourcing and supply chain logistics, our model optimizes all aspects of a project.  We identify trends, stay ahead of the market and deliver superior value to our clients, investors and homeowners. Our dynamic model is constantly adjusted to meet the demands of an ever-changing real estate landscape.

For more info on property or to find your dream home in Hudson County, NJ contact our staff at (646) 494.6838.

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