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     On behalf of everyone who worked to bring The Belmont to life, we thank you for choosing to make 79 Booraem Avenue your next home.  At CastlePoint REI, we continually strive to deliver superior value to our homeowners through cutting edge design, rigid construction standards and use of the finest materials available.  We are confident that you will find your new home to be a very sound investment in a quality product. We hope that you enjoy many years of joy and prosperity in your new Jersey City Heights home!


As you settle in and begin to make The Belmont your own, we would like to provide some useful tips and information to help ease your transition:



  • At closing, you received instruction manuals, quick start guides, smart home information, warranty registrations and tips for the major appliances, mechanical systems and electronics in your new home.  Please take a moment to review the key operational directions. We suggest that you register for the manufacturer’s warranty of each item using the self-addressed cards or by going online to the manufacturer’s website.  



  • Your home has been outfitted with the latest Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt.  The keyless lock needs only a 4 digit code to open the door and includes a host of features, including a built-in alarm and integration with smart home technology and smart phone operation.  The locks are rated “G1,” amongst the highest residential rating for security.  

    • Your front door code is listed on your welcome letter.  To enter, simply enter the 4 digit code.  When leaving, enter the same code again to lock the deadbolt.  The locks batteries will last over a year and the lock will alert you as they run low.  Included in this package is a manual back-up key that can be used if the electronic lock were to malfunction.

    • Instructions for changing the code are also enclosed.  We suggest that you immediately create a new code for security purposes.  



  • Are included in your closing package. Your mailbox is labeled with your unit number.

  • You must notify your designated Post Office to begin delivery to your new home.  

  • The designated Postal Station for 79 Booraem Ave is:


    • (201)-798-3936



  • By closing, many of your punch list items will have been addressed.  Remaining items listed on your punch list documentation will be completed within the first 30 days following your closing. 

  • Instructions on service and warranty requests are provided later in this document.



  • Your home has been outfitted with the latest energy-efficient LED ceiling lights.  These fixtures use a small fraction of electricity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.  LED fixtures produce very little heat, are dimmable (dimmer switches required) and last for tens of thousands of hours

  • The ceiling lights in your home do not have bulbs that need changing.  If a fixture stops working during the specified warranty period, please contact us.

  • Your home has been outfitted with Lutron SmartHome dimmers and switches in each bedroom and living area. 

  • Lutron switches are extremely versatile and may be programmed to operate individually and to create “scenes” to control multiple light sources using the touch of a button.  

  • Additional switches may be added to this system at any time.  **Please contact a licensed electrician before proceeding with any electrical work. 

  • The Lutron “Hub”, will allow these switches to be programmed and operated using a smartphone.  Once connected to the internet, the switches may also be accessed remotely via smartphone and integrated with most SmartHome hubs and systems.  Please visit the Homeowner Resources Section of for instructions (More on this below).

    • *NOTE: A Lutron SmartHub has been included with your new home.  This accessory, along with your Nest Thermostat, Schlage locks and any other SmartHome-enabled appliances and systems, will require the homeowner to setup once an internet connection is present.  Instructions may be found by logging in to Homeowner Resources Section of



  • Each unit has a dedicated electrical breaker panel within the living space.  Refer to your owners manuals for proper operation

  • The breaker panel for the common area lighting/electrical can be found inside the garage. 

  • Electrical meters for each unit and the common area electricity are located in the garage.

  • Switches for common area lighting are located in the garage, adjacent to the main door



  • Your new home is outfitted with a high efficiency central heating and air conditioning system.  It is comprised of 2 major components:

    • CONDENSER - Located at the rear of the building on the ground level.  Ensure that the area around this is free of debris/leaves/etc. On an annual basis, this should only require a good cleaning, which can be done by the homeowner.  Please refer to your owner's manual for additional system maintenance and use instructions. 

    • AIR HANDLER - The air handler is where you will find the system’s air filter.  The air handler is located in the Ground Level Utility Room (Unit 1) or inside of the roof deck access panel (Unit 2)

      • During normal usage, it is recommended that the filter be changed every 90 days.  However, with any newly-constructed home, it is recommended that the filter be checked periodically during the first 4 weeks for dust and changed accordingly. 

      • Filters can be purchased at any hardware store or home center.  Please refer to your owner's manual for additional system maintenance and use instructions. 

    • NEST SMART THERMOSTAT - Your home has been outfitted with a NEST Smart Learning Thermostat.  This device helps to save on heating and air conditioning costs by adjusting to your living habits over time.  Once connected to the internet, it can be accessed remotely via smartphone and integrated with most SmartHome hubs and systems.  Please visit the Homeowner Resources Section of for setup instructions (More on this below).



  • NAME: The “79 Booraem Avenue Condominium Association, Inc”, a New Jersey non-profit corporation has already been registered with the State and Federal Governments prior to closing.  This is a legal requirement for all new condominium associations.

  • SPONSOR: The “Sponsor (Developer)”, 79 Booraem Ave, LLC is the initial member and designated  manager of the Association.  

  • TRANSFER: Upon closing, both owners at 79 Booraem automatically become the members that make up the entire association and ownership of the association is automatically transferred from The Sponsor to owners.

  • BANKING: At closing, an initial “capital contribution” was not collected for the Association’s reserve funds account.  After closing, the 2 unit owners at 79 Booraem should:

    • Open a Business Checking account in the name of the Homeowners Association.  A copy of the State Articles of Incorporation and Federal Tax ID # for the HOA is included with your closing documents.  

    • Deposit and maintain a balance in the HOA account in accordance with the reserve requirements outlined in the HOA budget.  This will ensure you are building a healthy reserve for unexpected repairs. It is also required by FNMA that Homeowners Association’s maintain a minimum of 10% of the annual budget in a reserve account.  This becomes important should you or your neighbor decide to sell. Not meeting the reserve requirements can impact the ability of a potential buyer to get a loan.

    • INSURANCE: Your Homeowners Association Policy is Bound and active as of the date of your closing.  Please note that this policy is limited in coverage to the building’s common areas and does NOT cover materials, finishes and personal items within your unit.  Please refer to the policy and your personal homeowners policy for details. 



  • The Sponsor has designated your HOA as being self-managed:  

  • This has been done based on the preferences of buyers in other 2-unit buildings.  It is preferable to most because it allows the 2 owners to keep monthly HOA fees significantly lower.  

  • The Budget included in your association documents is based on the approximate costs, reserve requirements and long-term repair reserves  for similar buildings. You and your neighbor are free to manage the funds as you see fit. Should you decide that you would like to enlist the services of a professional property manager, our company can provide a list of local managers.



  • Your unit’s hot water heater is located in the lower level utility room.  The controls and temperature have been pre-set by the manufacturer. Please refer to your owner's manual for additional system care and use instructions. 



  • Your home has been professionally painted and any required touch-up work has been completed prior to your closing.  Extra interior paint has been left in the ground level storage room. Should you require additional paint, the colors are:

    • Walls: Behr Premium - Paper White Interior Flat

    • Ceilings - Bright White - Flat

    • Trim - Bright White Semi-Gloss

  • Each of these colors can be matched by most hardware stores or home centers.



  • Your new home’s kitchen has been fitted with custom-cut Quartz countertops with varying shades of whites and grays.  Quartz, like any high-end material, requires special care.  

  • To keep your counters looking their best for years to come, please pay careful attention to the important use & care instructions provided on the Homeowner Resources Section of (More on this below).



  • The plumbing in your home is installed using all new materials, including all main lines out to the municipal connections in the street.  

  • While the lines have all been cleaned and cleared following construction, it is not uncommon for residual debris and dirt to enter the lines and slow drains.

  • Should any of your drains run slowly during the first month, please submit a maintenance request and our plumbing team will address immediately.


  • Within the garage area are 2 storage rooms and a utility closet.  These spaces are NOT designated for the exclusive use of either condominium.  

  • Their use and management are the sole responsibility of the homeowners.



  • Each condominium is entitled to (1) ONE parking space in the garage.  

  • Parking spaces are NOT assigned/designated for the exclusive use of either condominium.  Their use and management are the sole responsibility of the homeowners.

  • Each home has been provided with a remote garage door opener that is programmed to securely operate the garage door.  The remote may also be used to program the universal opener included in many of today’s vehicles. Please refer to your owners manual for details and compatibility.  

  • The Garage Door Opener may also be operated using a smartphone or smart home system. *An active internet connection and compatible devices are required. 

  • Outside of the garage is an illuminated keypad adjacent to the door.  The default code to open the door is 1234.  

  • We suggest immediately changing the code to a mutually-agreeable number with your neighbor.



  • The tile in your bathrooms, front door stoops and master suite balcony is all manufactured by Porcelanosa and imported from Spain.  

  • Where possible, extra tile has been left in the lower level storage room.  Should additional tile be required for future repairs, please contact us for the showroom nearest to you.



  • Trash Collection in Jersey City Heights picked up on Sunday and Wednesday nights.  Trash may be left curbside on Sunday and Wednesday evenings after 7pm.

  • More information on Sanitation can be found at



  • After closing, you will need to open new accounts for your Gas & Electricity with PSE&G.  This needs to be done within 10 days of closing to avoid any interruption of your service.

  • Each unit in the building has a separate Gas & Electric meter.  The 3rd Meter in the Garage is for the common exterior and garage lights.  This will be billed to your HomeOwners Association.

    • PES&G: (800) 436-7734 or online

    • PLEASE NOTE YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PAY ANY INVOICES OR OPEN BALANCES PRIOR TO YOUR CLOSING DATE.  Each unit will have a new account separate of any past accounts on the property.

  • Cable/Internet: Your unit is pre-wired for cable & internet service (Cat5 internet ports are pre-wired for broadband services).  You do not need to select the same service as the other unit in your building. Your Street is serviced by:

    • XFINITY: or (800) 934-6489

    • VERIZON FIOS: or 855.328.2913. *Please note that while Fios does serve The Heights, certain blocks may require new service to extend to certain buildings.  Customer service will be able to determine this for you.

  • Water & Sewer: The Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority is responsible for maintaining City sewer and water service to your building.  BOTH water and sewer fees are to be billed to the 79 Booraem Street Condominium Association. When the Association account and documents are delivered, your designated manager should immediately contact JCMUA to setup your account.  



  • Your home includes a full-warranty in accordance with the requirements of the State of New Jersey.

  • The terms of your builder's warranty are specified in detail in the documentation provided at closing or contract settlement. These documents are also available on the Homeowner Resources Section of (More on this below). 

  • You should familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the warranty, in the event that you discover problems with your home. 

    • COVERAGE QUESTIONS: For specific questions on the warranty program and its coverages, please contact 2-10 Home Warranty directly.  Their contact information is provided in your Home Warranty documentation.

    • Defects caused by misuse, alteration or unauthorized contractors may not be eligible for warranty services.  

    • Cosmetic damages not identified during the punch list repair period, such as those caused during move-in are not the responsibility of the Builder.



  • For your convenience, copies of your home warranty information, instruction manuals, reference guides and more may be accessed anytime on

  • To access 24/7 via computer, tablet or smartphone, please visit

    • On the main menu bar, found at the top of the page, click on RESOURCES > HOMEOWNER PORTAL

    • Select your building: THE BELMONT

    • Enter the access code: 79Belmont1019

    • Select a Category to access information, pdf guides, links and more!



  • For covered items, all warranty repair or service requests must be submitted to the Builder in writing.  

  • To resubmit a warranty service request, please visit the CastlePoint REI website.

    • From your computer or smart device, simply visit

      • At the top of the page, under RESOURCES > Select MAINTENANCE REQUEST

      • Fill out the request form and submit.  You will receive an email confirmation and be contacted by our maintenance team to schedule. 

      • NOTE: The first time you visit this page, you will be prompted to setup a profile using your name, phone and email address.  This information is not shared with any outside companies. 


Once again, our congratulations on your new home purchase!  We thank you for selecting CastlePoint REI and wish you many years of happiness at The Belmont.

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