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CastlePoint REI leverages over 20 years of experience in the strategic purchase, design, construction, marketing and sales of residential and mixed use properties. The Company principals have cross-functional backgrounds in real estate finance, design, material sourcing, construction and sales.  Combined, the Principals have successfully completed over 40 residential development projects, with each returning a positive Return on Investment.  


The Company project portfolio includes single family homes, multi-unit dwellings, condominium conversions, and mixed use properties, using both renovation and ground-up construction strategies.  Past projects have been located in urban centers and the immediate suburbs, with a focus on emerging neighborhoods.  The partnership generally targets end products with price points in the middle sector of the bell curve where volume is consistent and price levels are more insulated from downside macroeconomic risk.


Seeking to take advantage of the opportunities arising from a strong, growing market in eastern Hudson County, our team is currently focused on using a fully-integrated model to acquire and develop superiorly-designed properties in value-oriented neighborhoods. This strategy ensures that we provide a healthy return to our investors, while minimizing downside risk from macroeconomic influences.


Generate Superior Return on Investment Through Strategic Acquisition, First-Class Design & Innovative Sourcing


  • Our goal is to identify undervalued properties where structures can be renovated or razed to create new homes that maximize usable space and command premium sale prices.  With all acquisitions, the fund ensures that the purchase price is at or below the market value of the underlying land (buildable lot).  This ensures that the project is never leveraged beyond its intrinsic market value.  

  • We combine this acquisition strategy with superior design that uses high-end materials sourced at “builder’s-grade” prices. This strategy produces increased value and a greater rate of return than comparable real estate developments. Although most are seeking more space and value, our target buyers universally see the difference between our end-products and those by other developers.  These buyers are a discerning group and are willing to pay more for a superior home. The uniqueness of design and extraordinary quality creates instant demand for our homes, often before they are even constructed.  

  • With our cost saving synergies, and expert acquisition strategies, investors can participate in the time-tested strategy of real estate investment and anticipate above-average returns with a below-average risk profile.

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